Offshore Safety Services

offshore safety equipmentOffshore Safety Services provide Total Risk Management and Training Solutions for the Oil and Gas, Mining, Telecommunication, Construction and Marine Industries.

Our Mission Statement

"To provide professional safety oriented services that always exceed industry expectations."

Company Profile

Offshore Safety Services has extensive practical knowledge and experience in the above industries and know what to expect and what to deliver. We provide quality services that are second to none and value for money also.

Moreover we use holistic approaches that cater for any eventualities. We are structured to identify deficiencies in all systems and work with you the client on a practical level. We identify problem areas that need addressing and help you with solutions. Training staff in demanding, challenging roles and skills is our specialty.

The Offshore Safety Services team is made up of multiskilled professional persons who can identify, report and address issues on all levels.

Our professional approach, multi industry knowledge and total training solutions are what help us stand out from the rest.

Our services include:

  • Onshore and Offshore Training Solutions
  • Inspections, Surveys and Audits
  • Risk Management